Counting The Days

$ 30.00

If you've lived anywhere near Fullerton, California over the last decade, or if you've paid any attention to the recent flux of sun-baked, surf-soaked power pop proliferating along the Western coastline of the U.S. in recent years, chances are high you've taken notice of Orange County's rambunctious guitar pop mavens Audacity. And if you've taken in Fullerton's pride-and-joy both in a sweaty, dingy live environment and on your turntable, you're undoubtedly aware that there is a certain unbridled quality to the band that can't quite be replicated on record. While last year's Butter Knife LP came pretty damn close to capturing Audacity in all their wild and ecstatic splendor, they've finally captured the triumphant bedlam of their live show with their latest 7", "Counting the Days" b/w "Mind Your Own Business". The A-side is Audacity in all their ragged glory - righteous guitar leads, buoyant choruses, and unhinged energy. For the flipside, the OC boys pay tribute to British post-punkers Delta 5 with an explosive cover of their debut single from 1979. "Counting the Days" b/w "Mind Your Own Business" is available worldwide on vinyl and digital formats courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records. The vinyl version is limited to 750 (250 on fluorescent pink, 500 on black) copies and includes a download coupon.

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