Finders Keepers

$ 7.99

There’s a common-held notion that great rock music only comes out of big cities, as if the grime and struggle of life in urban spaces is the essential fuel for truly passionate rock n roll. But this was a belief when cities were emptying out and the suburbs were growing. Now we’re witnessing the repopulation of major metropolitan areas. Suburbs are becoming the new wasteland. Perhaps that’s the reason why the Orange County suburb of Fullerton was finally able to birth a band like Audacity. Nurtured by local garage rock havens like record store/label Burger Records, the young brash power pop of Audacity have kicked out two LP’s worth of jams that are both aptly sunny and gritty—a perfect blend of SoCal’s good weather and endless concrete. Now signed to Suicide Squeeze, the band is set to unleash a 7” followed by their third full-length later this year. For the uninitiated, “Finders Keepers” b/w “Onomatopoeia” is the perfect introduction to Audacity’s potent combination of pop melodies and roughly hewn energy.

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