Crystal Skulls

Outgoing Behavior

$ 14.00

Just one year ago, Crystal Skulls released their debut, "Blocked Numbers," to enthusiastic praise from critics, along with a warm and welcoming embrace from lovers of pop music. Listeners discovered a band touting smart and stylish songs nestled comfortably into the folds and corners of various timeframes and musical movements. The band toured heavily supporting the Wedding Present, Black Mountain and Headphones winning fans as they cris-crossed the nation.

Crooner Christian Wargo along with bandmates Yuuki Matthews, Ryan Phillips, and Casey Foubert delivered a thoughtful, eloquent, and singular record. With a bite of George Harrison's guitar and a nip at Sterolab's rhythms, "Blocked Numbers" was a true pop pleasure with enough meat to keep fans well fed for decades to come.

But Crystal Skulls don't fuck around and a mere 12 months after "Blocked Numbers" their second full-length album, "Outgoing Behavior," finds the band forging full steam ahead. Channeling a cocky hint of Meat Is Murder era-Smiths and sitting on a treasure chest of songs that Todd Rungren would gladly "drop trou" for, the band has carved a distinct niche in the vibrant Pacific Northwest climate.

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