Gap Dream

Generator / A Little Past Midnight

$ 6.99

Somewhere in pre-dawn Cleveland, Gabe Fulvimar hunkers down in his bedroom with his laptop, a guitar, a drum machine, and a Fender Rhodes and records songs under the name Gap Dream. Before you groan over another "bedroom pop" artist, spend two seconds absorbing Fulvimar's mystical, stoned-to-the-bone one-man garage rock. If Lou Reed and Jason Pierce had MacBooks back when they were starting out, it wouldn't be hard to imagine them kicking out a jam like "A Little Past Midnight". It's almost tempting to claim Gap Dream's ability to make such warm, wacked out, psychedelic grooves in such technologically-cold hermit-like conditions as Fulvimar's crowning achievement. But the process behind the music doesn't mean shit when you hear Fulvimar's smooth harmonies, warbling tremolo guitar, and reverberating haze sewn together into a tune as beguiling as "Generator".