La La La La Love You

$ 1.98

You can’t really capture the essence of Nobunny on a recording. The stage show for the enigmatic garage punker (birth name Justin Champlin) is a collision of firebrand antics and bubblegum pop, sweat and saccharine, the vile and the endearing. Irresistible hooks and choruses butt up against Nobunny’s flirtations with nudity and violence. Listening to his latest single on Suicide Squeeze, “La La La La Love You” b/w “Drei Blondinen”, it’s crucial to envision the lanky frontman clad in a speedo and nappy bunny mask, baiting the audience while pogoing across the stage in time to his ruthlessly upbeat songs. Even if you can’t quite envision that coating of blood and beer on Champlin’s sugary demeanor after an introductory spin of his record, you can’t deny the guy’s ability to write songs that stick in your head for days. This 7” is limited to 750 (250 opaque red, 500 black) copies worldwide.