The Six Parts Seven

Casually Smashed To Pieces

$ 10.00

Like the soundtrack to a heartbreaking film that never existed, the songs on Casually Smashed To Pieces are simultaneously beautiful and completely unpredictable. "Knock At My Door" features gorgeous, interwoven melodic playing, layered arrangements and a twangy undercurrent; "Confusing Possibilities" is full of the band’s characteristic dueling guitar lines, shifting dynamics, and sub-bass tones that help transport the band's music into uncharted territory; while "Stolen Moments" showcases singing horns and crescendos so gradual you'll wonder how you got from point A to point B. Let's be honest though, instead of mapping out each track for you, you're probably best off listening to it yourself... Like all great music, there's an undeniable amount of mystery in what the Six Parts Seven accomplish that can't be conveyed via adjective or analogy.

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